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Rewards are earned by authors of posts (and comments and replies) as well as by curators (or those who give Upvotes). Rewards are paid out in the form of HIVE or HBD. Calculating rewards is a bit tricky.

  • When a post is upvoted, the author of that post will receive half of the rewards the post generates (after 7 days).
  • The Hive users who upvoted the post, called “curators”, will share the other half of the rewards. Two other factors influence rewards.
  1. When an upvote takes place. Those who upvote within the first 24 hours of a post will receive the highest rewards. Those upvoting within the next 24 hours will receive the next most rewards. And those upvoting afterwards will receive the least rewards.
  2. A curator's Hive Power (HP) also matters. Having higher HP will result in higher rewards to upvotes/curators, and vice versa.
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