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Resource Credits (RCs)

Resource Credits (often called “RCs”) are the “fuel” on the Hive blockchain. They are measured in a unit called “mana.” Every on-chain action, such as posting or upvoting, uses RCs. If a user runs out of RCs, they cannot interact on the chain. If you are out of Resource Credits, you can…

  • Stake or 'power up' some Hive (HIVE) cryptocurrency to Hive Power (HP). You will immediately have more RCs. Staking or powering up can easily be done from a wallet such as PeakD or ecency or Hive Keychain.
  • Wait until your RCs are recharged. See for an estimate of recharge time.
  • Perhaps get a kind Hive user to delegate some RCs to you (see below). This where engaging and interacting with others (building relationships) can help you.

Though RCs are used with all chain actions, a Hive account slowly rebuilds its RCs based on the amount of Hive Power (HP) the account holds. The more HP a user has, the faster RCs are replenished.

Hive users can check their RCs in many places on Hive, such as by replacing @username with their own.

RC costs

Each action on the Hive chain (like an upvote or a comment) has its own cost in RCs. The link below calculates those costs.

Resource Credit delegation

Resource Credits can be a challenge for newcomers to Hive. Users may get involved with Hive, but quickly run out of RCs, get locked out, then become frustrated and quit. Fortunately, a change has helped with this.

Beginning with Hard Fork 26 (HF26) in October of 2022, RCs can be delegated from one Hive user to another. This allows for a user holding more RCs than they need to give those extra RCs to a user who might be running low. Tools have been developed to delegate RCs. Examples of these tools are:

Hive posts and resources on this topic

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