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Hive has a “reputation” score built in and you can easily see it while looking at a user's profile on most front ends. Reputation is a quick way to assess a Hive user's credibility on the chain. It's not perfect, but generally speaking, Hive users want to build up their reputation.

The reputation score starts out at 25 when an new account is initiated. Then, it changes due to upvotes or downvotes. The flowchart below is an attempt to explain the process.

Reputation flowchart

Reasons for a reputation score is to combat bad actions like plagiarism (which Hive takes seriously…don't do it), hate speech, scamming, or spam. All of these could earn downvotes.

Hive usage cannot be censored (Hive is censorship resistant), however downvotes can push down a user's reputation and Front ends usually elect to hide users who fall below a certain reputation level. It's important to remember that, even if a front end hides a user's activity, that user's activity is still on chain. It can still be seen using Block Explorers like

General levels of reputation

Rep score Note
80+ A legend, likely someone who has been around from the very early days of Hive. These scores are rare.
70 A legend of a Hive user.
60 A very solid Hive user who has been around and has contributed to the chain.
50 A solid Hive user.
40 40 or higher has been generally seen as the minimum level to engage with Hive without a “mental question mark” in front of a username.
30 A newcomer who is growing his or her account.
25 A newcomer.
<25 This is someone who has taken actions that the Hive community generally frowns upon.
<0 A negative reputation most likely means this user has been repeatedly very naughty on Hive. Use much caution.
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