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Layer 2

In blockchain terms, the actual chain is referred to as “layer 1.” With Hive, layer 1 on chain activities can be seen using block explorers such as or or

A layer 2 is off of the main chain, but draws information from the layer 1 chain. For instance, a website is certainly off of the Hive blockchain. Yet, the site might draw information from the original Hive chain.

Benefits of layer 2 solutions

  • they can be quickly changed without a fork
  • since they draw from the layer 1, the data is still immutable

Criticisms of layer 2 solutions

  • they are often centralized
  • blockchain purists trust only that which is on layer 1

Layer 2 examples on Hive

Hive-Engine tokens

Hive-Engine at or hosts many Layer 2 tokens.

Hive Engine Classic” exchanges can be seen on the Exchanges page.

Hive-Engine tools

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