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Currently, you can make changes to this wiki without registering.

In the future, accounts may be required. You can join this wiki by choosing “Register” from any page.

A confirmation email will be sent, however there is one trick. The new password is encoded in a “base64” format. This means you must decode it before you can read and use it. Fortunately, it's easy.

How to decode your base64 email

  • Open your email and copy the jibberish “paragraph” at the top. Be sure to check your “Spam” folder!
  • Go to (or any similar base64 decoder) and paste in the copied jibberish.
  • Click “Decode.” You'll see your new password.
  • Go back to the “Log In” page, login.
  • Important: you probably want to choose “Update profile” to create your own personal password.

An example of the procedure is shown below.

If you have trouble creating an account, contact @crrdlx and I'll get you set up.

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