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Join Hive

You can read Hive posts without an account, but to truly engage with Hive, you need your own Hive account/username. With a Hive account, you can post, comment, upvote others, earn Hive cryptocurrency, spend it, and much more.

Your username is your wallet address. You can receive Hive cryptocurrencies (HIVE or HBD) directly to your username/address. You can send to someone else's username/address.

It's easy to get a Hive account. There are many sign up options at

Sign up using my (@crrdlx) referral code, and I'll support you as you start. This sign up method is free.

Learn about Hive

You might ask, “Why would I join Hive?” That's a very fair question.

For a quick overview, you might read What is Hive? Two great resources to learn about Hive are and Another great place to start is

Some reasons to join Hive

  • You own your account (not a business or other party)
  • You own your content (not the platform it's posted on)
  • You earn from your content (not the platform it's posted on)
  • You cannot be censored or de-platformed
  • Earning cryptocurrency from day one is possible
  • Earning is possible without investing any money at all
  • Earning is possible by something as simple as giving an upvote
  • Enjoy multiple platforms for any kind of content with one account (blog, microblog, video, podcast, game, etc.)
  • The community is welcoming
  • The community rewards effort, engagement, and quality
  • The community is helpful if you get stuck
  • Hive is all about freedom to do what you wish to do and say what you wish to say
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