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How to help

This is a wiki. There are likely errors or things are incomplete or missing entirely. You, yes, you!, can change and improve this wiki. If you see a minor error, like a spelling error, why not just fix it?


  • You can easily edit existing pages. To edit, simply choose “Tools” or the pencil icon or tap “Edit” or “Edit this page”, make your change, then save.
  • You can add a page that you feel should be here. There are a few ways to add pages, see add a page for details. However, the best practice for creating a new page follows: while editing a current page, copy and paste code similar to:
[[wiki:new-page-web-address|Name of New Page]]

Be sure to change “new-page-web-address” and “Name of New Page” to something appropriate to what you're creating.

Then, choose “Save”. A link will be created. Choose that link, then choose “Tools” or the pencil icon or tap “edit this page”, type content, then save.

Don't be afraid!

Don't be afraid to make changes. You won't “mess it up.” There are backups and histories of edits recorded. This means that previous versions can always be reverted back to if needed. You won't mess it up. :-)

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