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Welcome to Hive!

Welcome to Hive! Hive is a blockchain for all people. You might read What is Hive? to start. Anyone can easily read or blog on Hive. But, there are many more things you can do on Hive beyond reading or blogging, such as: comment, play, watch, collect, stream, and more. For those with the skill or who wish to learn, Hive is also a blockchain for developers.

Steps for newcomers to get started

  1. You can explore Hive without an account at places like is one of many Front ends on the chain. They all show the same info, only with different appearances. Choose one you like.
  2. To interact, get a Hive account. See Join Hive for options.
  3. Safely store your Private keys
  4. Install Hive Keychain. This is optional, but is very helpful and time saving.
  5. Introduce yourself. Hive has a tradition of new users making an introductory post. This is optional, of course, however it is a great way to possibly get your first upvotes and earn your first HIVE. Be sure to include a tag like introduceyourself or introduction so your post will be seen.
  6. Build up some Resource Credits (RCs) either buy posting, commenting, upvoting, or purchasing HIVE and powering up.
  7. Engage with other Hive users. This is how you will gain followers, get upvotes, build your wallet.
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