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Front ends

We often hear about “front ends” and “back ends” in the tech world.

The term “front ends” refers to how things look on your desktop or mobile screens. Websites, apps, and dapps can look very different depending on the device, the browswer, or the front end.

With Hive, the back end is always the same…it is text-based information. You can look at your user activity by going to and changing “username” to another user. You'll see all of that user's Hive activity in straight text.

Hive has several front ends that draw from the back end data. The front ends show the info in a prettier and more human-friendly manner. Changing front ends might change the appearance, but the core data remains unchanged on the back end.

Following are some of those front ends:

Major front ends

The front ends above are general purpose and are likely the most often used. But, there are many others.

Secondary front ends

There are many others. Feel free to add to the list!

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