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Exchanges and Markets

Hive can be bought or sold on many exchanges, such as Binance, Blocktrades, Bittrex, and many others.

See the bottom of for a complete listing of exchanges.

Layer 2 exchanges or markets

Hive-Engine has many Hive Layer 2 tokens. These can be traded in a few places:

There are also a few “Hive-Engine Classic” exchanges which show usernames involved in trades. These don't always load, but are worth a try.

Additional ways to get Hive

HIVE can be obtained in ways aside from purchasing the token aside from a traditional exchange.

  • The Hive Keychain wallet has a built-in “buy Hive” functionality.
  • The tool allows for exchanging Bitcoin (on the Lightning Network) and Hive (both ways).
  • Of course, HIVE (and HBD) can be earned via receiving upvotes (curation) for posts or comments.
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