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Hive is “censorship resistant” in the fact that anyone or anything on chain cannot to censored by anyone else. If posted on chain, your words will remain.

However, various front ends can and do censor users or content.

With censorship being a rather subjective thing, this topic and the groups below are at times controversial.

Censorship resistance

Although front ends can weed out whatever they wish, all information remains on chain. Using a block Explorer such as HiveBlocks, anyone can see all data uncensored in text format.

Watchful eyes

Hive has certain unwritten rules, like “no plagiarism”, and groups that look out for such infractions. For instance, there is “Hive Watchers” and the Spaminator list.

  • Hive Watchers is a group of Hive users who keep an eye out for things the Hive community as a whole frown upon. If tagged by Hive Watchers, the user charged with an infraction is directed to the Hive Wathers Discord server to explain the situation.
  • The Spaminator list is a list of usernames alleged to have been involved in what might be called “Hive unfriendly behavior.” Some dapps and maybe front ends use the list to blacklist users.
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