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This is the HiveWiki for the Hive blockchain (website: Navigate using the Sidebar + menu. The goal is to serve as an informational hub to the Hive blockchain that anyone can add to or improve.

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Lend your experience and help improve this wiki. If you have a Hive project, create a page for it here.


This is a wiki. You, yes, you!, can change and improve it. To edit, simply choose “Tools” or the pencil icon or tap “edit this page”, make your change, then save. Also, you can add a page that you feel should be here. Read the How to help page.

  • See something wrong? Fix it.
  • Something awkward? Improve it.
  • Something needed? Add it.

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With decentralized projects like Hive, you don't need to ask permission. Just do it.

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